Fleet Maintenance

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West Chester , Oh 45069
513.874-0666 Fax


Things I Need Every Year
+ Service
+ Tire Rotation & Balance
+ Chassis inspection  
+ Drivetrain Inspection
= Reliability

Save Time
         Save Money
Balance And Rotate Your Tires
Transmission Service

+Water Pump Replacement
+Radiator Replacement
+Front Steering Parts
+Front Wheel Alignment

1. Vehicle Repairs 

Basic Oil-Changes to Full-Engine Overhaul

2. Preventive Maintenance

Service upon your request (Including Saturday hours)
Variety of Options Available
Ladder Racks-Custom Interiors and More...
+85% Requires No Employee Time (Weekend Service)
+Towing For A Repair, No Problem (See Tugg Towing)
Rear Brakes Service
Bad Door Pins
Check Running Lights
Tire Replacement
Tinted Windows
Front Brake Service
+Keep Your Fleet Clean and Green ( Van Wash $10 )
Good Parts = Great Results
Medium Truck Service